Our Mission 

Elite Women’s Golf School and Hilton Head Golf School is dedicated to giving exceptional customer service and create the best learning experience for all women golfers. To reserve your Hilton Head Golf School dates, call (760) 203-0400.

Refund Policy
We guarantee 100% satisfaction. We charge a $500.00 per person deposit at the time of booking. If you cancel one month before the school is scheduled, we’ll refund the entire amount. Cancellations after that time will be credited to your future golf school of your choosing.

Hilton Head Golf SchoolFor students who want the best golf school experience, we offer an outstanding golf vacation and golf lessons from our VIP Hilton Head Golf School. The Old South Golf Links is an exceptional Hilton Head Golf School location offering an adventurous opportunity to fully embrace your professional, private PGA golf lesson within a pro-golf environment. VIP Golf Academy is honored to give you a picturesque South Carolina view, fine dining, and personalized golf lessons at our premier golf school location.

Your golf game will improve from our exclusive “One to One” and “Two to One” Hilton Head golf school. For five hours a day, you will train with your personal PGA golf instructor who will identify your weak areas and help you strengthen them. Old South Golf Links has short game and putting greens and is known to be an excellent practice facility. Your skills will be challenged and tested, you will learn course strategy, you will practice pre-shot routines, and you will master specialty shots.

Custom Hilton Head Golf Schools 

We can customize any golf school to meet your particular needs from half-day schools to schools running over a MONTH. We also can accommodate local students and can spread out a school where the dates are no continuous. We pledge to create the perfect school for you.


Because each location is different the rates will vary. Please choose FAST QUOTE or call (760) 203-0400 for up to date Hilton Head Golf School pricing.