About Us, Elite Women’s Golf School

about usThe concept for Elite Women’s Golf School was the co-idea of Jerilyn Britz, the 1979 United States Women’s Open Champion, and Brad Yates. Jerilyn play on the LPGA Tour for over 25 years. An accomplished teacher, she taught extensively until her retirement two years ago to be with her aging mother in Minnesota. Her vision was for this school to be specialized to meet the needs of women golfers. Jerilyn wanted to created an atmosphere where women would feel comfortable and at ease, so they could truly enjoy golf and become better players. “Women’s swings, clubs, body type, strength, goals, and dispositions are different from men” Jerilyn stated, “women want to learn on the own terms.” Having trained professional teachers that understand this concept is vital to creating the environment to best produce optimal results. Make it fun, make it interesting, get positive feedback and you have the basis for Elite Women’s Golf School.

Elite Womon's Golf SchoolElite Women’s Golf School is going on 20 years old and Jerilyn was there in the beginning to guide its’ foundation and establish the template for success. Today, Jerilyn is the honorary Director of Instruction for Elite Women’s Golf School, although not teaching, but is consulted on a regular basis. Elite Women’s Golf School is dedicated to giving exceptional customer service and create the best learning experience for all women golfers. Our 8 locations around the country and the Dominican Republic offer first class facilities for our students to enjoy the golf school experience and have fun while they better their golf games. Many of our golf school sites are in resort locations, so plan a vacation and better you golf game at the same time. All our women’s golf school sites have exceptional accommodations that are included in your golf school price. Come experience the Elite Women’s Golf School difference. Click on one of our 10 great golf school sites or call us at (760) 203-0400 for more information about us. We guarantee your improvement and enjoyment. Sincerely,

Eva Scott

Elite Women’s Golf School Director of Instruction

Elite Women’s Golf School is dedicated to effective golf training and creating the best learning experience for women golfers of all skill levels. Browse our web site to learn more about us.